How do I become a personal trainer?

  • 28th November 2018
  • by Andy
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Fitness is big business.

In the UK alone, fitness,wellness and health has seen a rise like no other industry and is only set to get bigger by 2020.

With the rise of people coming into the gyms, the fitness centres and the clubs, they also need awesome people to be their mentors.

They need coaches, they need trainers and they need that educated support that really does transform lives for the better.

Fitness is a business where, if you're involved in it, your passion becomes your occupation.

Meaning it's not very often where you feel like you're actually working.

Day to day, you're working with like minded individuals who are on the path to change their lives and are looking to their coaches for guidance.

Personal trainers change peoples lives and not only that, the life of the PT can dramatically change for the better too. Gone are the days of regimented working hours, deadlines and pain in the arse bosses.

If you're willing to put the work and the dedication into your new craft, PT's can look forward to ....

  • Setting their own working hours around the kids, around your partner or around your lifestyle.
  • Becoming their own boss should they choose to.
  • A chance to provide a service you think may be missing from the industry.
  • A chance to dramatically change peoples lives for the better.

Adding to the above, the income can be very substantial too should you offer a good service and work hard at your craft. Personal trainers can charge anywhere between £15 and £50+ an hour so the income is there to be made.

Is it time you jumped the ship and moved into a career that excites you, motivates you and one that drives you to get out of bed in a morning?

Well we've teamed up with the awesome CMS Fitness Courses to promote their Level 2 and Level 3 courses and in return, they're giving us a huge 30% of the marked price of the qualification package of both the level 2 fitness instructor and level 3 personal trainer.

But what makes CMS Fitness Courses so special?

CMS have been providing fitness qualifications to over 800 people for nearly 10 years. Their knowledge of not only what they're teaching but how to teach it is second to none.

However, unlike a lot of professional qualification courses, CMS courses are run by people who have been in the very position that you're in and worked themselves up to be active, and successful, personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches.

That means there's a level of personal understanding between teacher and student to make sure the course is suitable for you and the learning is structured to make sure you get the best possible start in your career.

You'll be guided the rest of the way to becoming a fully qualified Personal Trainer.

Based in West Yorkshire, the course is broken down to your own individual learning speed and full support is given.

A mix between classroom and active gym floor teaching, CMS will give you everything you need to get out there and start pursuing your career in the world of health and fitness.

But that's not all, post qualification support will also be from us here at The Session Station along with CMS.

We've a wealth of experience in the fitness industry that we can pass down and get you on track to building your own career, in your own style.

The course can be run around you so you can have a more intensive learning or weekend sessions so you can maintain your current employment until you pass.

The course costs can be spread across easier payments so you're not having to pay a big lump sum too.

The world of fitness can bean exciting and rewarding industry to be in. If the gym is your thing, you're surrounded by people who have the same hobbies, have the same interests and are all striving to become better.

To get involved in the upcoming courses, drop us an e-mail at enquiries@sessionstation.com to arrange a chat. Or head straight over to the CMS website here.

Once there, hit the big red enquiry button and fill your details in.

In the box where it says "How did you hear about us?" simply type "referral code sessionstation1" to activate your huge 30% off.