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By using The Session Station, you agree that it is done under these terms and conditions below. Copies of this document are available by contacting enquiries@sessionstation.com

By accessing or using Sessionstation.com (therein referred to as “the website" or “our site”), you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions of use.

The Session Station has the right to change or make amends of these terms and conditions at any time and as they see fit.

It is paramount to both you, the user or owner of any listing, and The Session Station, that terms and conditions are understood, followed and adhered to at all times. The Session Station, whilst holding these terms and conditions to the utmost importance themselves, wants users, advertisers and owners of any listings to feel safe and their information secure at all times.

Conditions of Use

The Session Station is a public fitness and health directory and is accessible to all. Our site will not tolerate abuse, vulgarity, bullying or any other discriminatory actions from anyone. Should this occur, Our site will take action against the perpetrators to remove the offending item or remove that user from the site entirely. Should any actions of the manner continue, we will pass on information to the relative authorities.

Information found on this site is not person specific but generalised to the main population. It is never a replacement of doctors or other recognised health professionals advice and should be treated as such. Whilst contributors to the blog and vlog area of the site are qualified fitness professionals, their advice is not to take precedent over recognised medical professionals.

The Session Station endeavours to ensure that all information is correct at the time of publishing, but does not accept any liability for error or omissions that are made public by it's users. Profile listing and content information is publicised at the owners responsibility and The Session Station holds no accountability to the integrity of the contents.

The Session Station is not responsible for the actions of anyone or any brand listing on the site. Public safety is paramount for us. However we are not accountable for actions from either listing owners or users when interactions are taken away from our site.

We are a moral and ethical company and do not accept advertising from multi-level marketing brands, illegal trade activity or any other unethical or unprofessional services. It is The Session Stations right to decide, as qualified fitness professionals, what is morally acceptable and a full explanation of why we have come to any conclusion will be sent to the listing owner or advertisers. It is our duty to protect the public wherever possible and our right as owners of our site and qualified fitness and nutrition professionals to make this decision. We reserve the right to protect The Session Stations integrity at all times.

Information on our site, in regards to business advice, is there for educational purposes only and is the advice of the author. The Session Station holds no responsibility should loss of income, custom or business complications occur. Advice, on our site, should not take precedent over advice from recognised business professionals.

The Session Station does not endorse or recommend any product or service that is advertised within our site. The website is a platform for brands and individuals to advertise their fitness and health services and is not accountable for any injuries, loss, expense, damage or issues that arise from using a service or following advice found on The Session Station.

The Session Station reserves the right to prohibit abusers of the site and its content, terminate accounts, and report to the necessary authorities should users disregard these terms and conditions or abuse the free and fair running of the site. This includes viruses and other nasties, acts that violate the law, transmit junk or spam, endorse products without permission or attempt to collect or store personal contact information of users of our site. The Session Station has the right to refuse or remove listings or information on ethical grounds. This can include information on your listing, your content or comments.

Listing owners are solely responsible for any and all information that is distributed in any way to users of our website and any consequences that may result from your listing. You acknowledge as a listing owner, along with other listing owners, each user of the website is solely responsible for their own information. The Session Station reviews each individual profile at start up but does not accept any responsibility for information that is changed or altered after the listing is live.

The Session Station may retain and disclose your content or information,including private communications, should the following require us to do so:

  • If we are told to do so or are required by law enforcement agencies or national security

  • To enforce these terms

  • In connection with any copyright claims of third parties or external sources

  • Maintenance and upkeep of our site.

  • To protect the public, its users, the reputations of the listing owners on the site and The Session Station and the integrity of its products.

By providing your listing content and branding through any publicly accessible areas of the websites or submitting any of your content to the websites, you automatically grant to The Session Station a perpetual, royalty free, irrevocable, non-exclusive right and license to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from and distribute such of your listing content or branding into any form, medium or technology now known or hereafter developed. In addition you waive any and all moral rights in such of your listing content branding.

Listing and advertising

Any listing owner or advert owner, whilst adhering to these terms and conditions in this document, will also have to agree and comply with the terms set below:

Any content in adverts or listings must not be misleading, deliberately false, ambiguous, deceptive or in anyway laid out to trick or deceive the public or users of our site.

Listings owners must never be rude, inflammatory, sexual, aggressive, discriminatory or ill natured in anyway with your content or advertising.

Any content that is uploaded or posted by the listing owner is not infringing on individual or company privacy, copyright or exploiting any individual or brand in anyway. It is the listing owners sole responsibility to ensure their listing or advert adheres to these rules. Any images used must be your own or have permission from the respective owner or persons identified within the image for you to use the image. Images must also be respectful and not depicting violence, nudity, crime, drugs or images of an adult nature.

Whilst The Session Station holds no responsibility for the material uploaded to a listing owners profile or advert, should we be aware of such copyright or privacy infringes, we will take all, and not excluding legal, action were necessary. 

The Session Station will initially review all profiles upon upload on ethical, legal and moral grounds. This may cause a delay after payment to your profile being uploaded. The Session Station will ensure that this process will not take longer than 10 working days. Profile listings that are deemed to be irresponsible, problematic or unethical will be returned to the listing owner for edit before upload. The Session Station holds no responsibility or obligation to return lost days of the annual listing whilst this is being corrected.

Should any adverts be edited after they go live and begin to oppose any of the terms and conditions of the site, The Session Station will take these down immediately and notify the owner of the problem. The listing will not be made live until the problem or offending item is eliminated.

All adverts will have to be verified from both parties involved before upload. This means that only when both parties are satisfied with the end product will it then be uploaded. Should a new advert be created and ready for upload, The Session Station reserves the right to go with the new advert. 

At anytime, The Session Station reserves the right to review and, if necessary, terminate the advert before completion of the allotted time. In this instance a full explanation why we have took this action will be provided to the advertiser.


All pages, logos,  graphics,  icons and design within our site are service marks and trademarks of The Session Station. All other company branding, names and logos advertised on our site have no affiliation to The Session Station and are property of their respective owners. The Session Station hold no responsibility to prosecute should copyright infringements of others occur.

References and links 

From time to time, in reference to a particular subject, our site will reference or provide links to an external source outside The Session Station. When this occurs, our site holds no responsibility to the contents, actions or problems of the external source and you are governed by the external sources terms, conditions and rules. Should a problem arise then contact should be made to the external source for investigation. References and links are no indication or partnership , affiliation or association and should be used for educational or informational purposes only.

Third party

At no time will our site share, sell or distribute user or listing owner information with any third party. Personal and sensitive information of our users will only ever be used as part of marketing from our site and in all instances a choice to unsubscribe from marketing will be offered. 

Due to the directory nature of our site and the free use of information available on listing owners profiles in the publicly accessible areas of the site, The Session Station holds no responsibility should a external source use the directory in the way it was designed, to gather contact information, listing content or images and use these elsewhere away from our site. 

Financial records or information are not kept by our site as we outsource this service to PayPal Ltd. The Session Station is not responsible should any financial problems arise as part of PayPal Ltds service. The only instance any kind of information we have will be shared is if an illegal or suspected illegal action has taken place or a person or persons is at harm. At this time The Session Station will pass any details that are required to the appropriate authorities.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy can be found here: https://sessionstation.com/privacy-policy

If you have any questions about these terms and conditions, the practices of The Session Station, or your dealings with this web site please email us at enquiries@sessionstation.com or send your mail to our direct mailing address :

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